Hi-Point Makes Top 25

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The list of the top the top 25 U.S. firearm manufacturers, according to the National Shooting Sports Foundation's "Industry Intelligence Reports" for 2012, has been released and the information is telling about the United States. Using data from collected in 2010, the NSSF compiled their list from ATF reports, manufacturer data, and other input. The top five companies: Ruger, S&W, Remington, Maverick/Mossberg, and SIG Sauer came as no surprise. However, you would be pleased to know another familiar name appeared on the list and was rather high up there.

Hi-Point ranked in Firearms Sales

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Overall Beemiller Inc., the parent company of Hi-Point firearms listed sales of 115,200 handguns and rifles (carbines). This is some 315 per day, or about one every four minutes. This ranked Hi-Point 12th overall, just three thousand sales behind Kel-Tec. The companies ranked 13th-25 included H&R, Kimber, Thompson Center, DPMS, Colt, NAA, FN, Bushmaster, and Springfield.

Handgun sales

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Of those 115,200 firearms Hi-Points sold in the figures, most, almost 80,000 were handguns. When you compare just the pistol sales of the other top manufacturers, Hi-Point comes in at 8th place behind Ruger, S&W, SIG, Beretta, Taurus, Kimber, and Kel-Tec respectively. This isn't too shabby when you see that the humble Hi-Point pistol series sold almost the same number of pistols as Colt, Springfield, and FN combined in 2010. Kahr, listed as Saeilo also sold more than 25% fewer pistols than the often-derided Hi-Point.


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Hi-Point's sale of some 35,300 of their durable 995, 4095, and 4595 pistol caliber carbines is impressive to say the least. When you compare this to the amount of AR-15 style carbines sold by DPMS (46,000) and Bushmaster (40,000) you see just how close the Planet of the Apes gun is to cutting into their market share. In fact, the most renowned of AR makers, Colt, sold only 11,000 of their black guns or about one for every 3 Hi-Point carbines. Come to think of it, you can buy three Hi-Point carbines for the price of one Colt AR-- and still have some money left for ammo.

It seems like the People's Champion may be based in Ohio and not in New England after all.

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November 6, 2012  •  11:04 AM
Way to go hi-point..
November 6, 2012  •  11:24 AM
Impressive. Looks like people are beginning to realize you don't have to spend a crap load of money to buy a reliable gun.
November 6, 2012  •  02:49 PM
And who says Hi-Points ain't pretty? I think this is "pretty" da*n good. Those who own one know the truth, those snobs who have never shot one live in their own little narrow world surrounded by imaginary bias!

I second justdon!!!
November 6, 2012  •  02:53 PM
It is not surprising at all. These are high quality firearms backed by a solid warrenty, they are slightly ugly, but then so am I.
December 16, 2012  •  12:10 AM
cool. i have 3 and spent just over $500.00
January 13, 2013  •  07:33 AM
i was looking at different ccw guns, and looked at hi-power was told by dealer that it was not an expensive gan therefore not a realiable one!
January 15, 2013  •  06:09 PM
I had no idea I'm learning a lot about hi point!!!
February 3, 2013  •  08:15 PM

Bravo. Looks like a LOT of people are finding out what we know.
March 5, 2013  •  07:22 PM
can anyone tell me is this true or not?

Walking proof that you should never try this at home.
Friday, August 24, 2012
Hi point 995 carbine magazine swapping
I've had some emails about the drum modification for the 995 carbine, and rest assured, I've got some more work done to the project, I have not forgotten about it. I've done a little bit of homework on it, and found that the best example of a working single stack drum in 9mm that had a drastic working angle, such as the Hi Point, was the old Luger drums produced around WWI and WWII. I'm acting on that as I type this.
One thing I have found that may help is the use of Tokarev magazines, if properly modified, as a drum tower. I have a 9mm Chinese Tok pistol, and the mags for it simply have spacers welded in place to take up the excess space when going from the 7.62x25 to the 9mm luger round. More on this as I get to it.

Next thing: I am in need of a test monkey gun, literally. I need a 995 carbine that is shot out, worn out, or just never functioned right, at a decent price (i.e., 100-150 bucks). I have had lots of questions about simply converting the 995 to take Glock mags, etc. and I can say that it is not feasible without drastic modification to the gun itself. That is not to say it is not possible. What I want is to purchase a well-used 995 that the owner has beat the snot out of or just did not like it. Condition doesn't matter. I am going to take this carbine (when I procure one) and modify it to take XD magazines, which are the perfect height and feed angle for the carbine.
I want to get ahold of a carbine that, if I screw the project up, it really doesn't matter, no big loss. I'm sure that by the time I am done implementing the changes I'm thinking that were it returned to MKS, they would take one look at it and melt it back down into a toaster or whatever they started life as before becoming 995 carbines.

The walls of the receiver must be widened and the trigger transfer bar must be remade entirely to compensate for the widened receiver. This will entail machining new sections of steel to attach to the sides of the receiver before the original receiver section, small as it is, can be milled out.
what i am asking scan this really be done?
I don't want to sacrifice one of my own perfectly good and operational carbines, only to find that I screwed the job up, I'd rather buy one that has seen it's day and is ready for retirement to the pot metal scrap bin.
March 20, 2013  •  09:38 PM
An American success! I'm glad I am a part of it .
March 23, 2013  •  10:28 PM
bought one in 1995 and another Friday!


Planning on getting more HP's!
September 27, 2013  •  11:35 PM
I recently got a hi-point 45 and love it. So far only shot 50 rounds with it but no miss feeds, no failures to fire, and she is very accurate. Especially for being my first times shooting a handgun and the price paid I am very happy.

:-) i got my firearm, a decent amount of starter ammo, a gun safe, and a few other small things for less than the price of the only other lower cost 45s i saw.

Thats a win for me.
October 19, 2013  •  09:57 PM
I love Hi-Point, keep up the good work. Please monitor the Chicago area sales, the prices are being Jacked Up.
October 10, 2014  •  08:40 PM
Peaked out at 9 Hi Points,
2 C9
and one each, 995, 4095, 4595

Pretty darn good for the price!!!