The Hi-Point as a First Handgun

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A gunowner's first handgun needs to be something that fits a special list of qualifications. With their functionality, simplicity, durability, and entry level pricing, Hi-Point pistols offer a little something for everyone. With that being said, should a Hi-Point be someone's first handgun?

What to look for in a First handgun

Anyone looking for a handgun needs to address why they want one. If they are just looking for a plinker, in other words a gun that is inexpensive to shoot at the range against paper targets, a pistol chambered for a low power enjoyable round is in order. If they are looking for a hunting pistol, capable of taking medium or large game at distances up to 75-feet away with a realistic possibility of a one-time harvest, then a heavy handgun with a long sight radius is required. Looking for home defense or concealed carry? Then you want an utterly reliable handgun chambered from 380-.45ACP that you can count on when the chips are down.

Why the Hi-Point fits the bill

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Hi-Point pistols, with their blowback action, polymer frames, and striker-fired design are rugged and simple. The Glock 17, long a standard of simplicity, has 33 parts, while the Hi-Point C9 has a similarly low 37. Fewer parts mean less to break. Firing from a fixed barrel, you have inherent accuracy. With few surface controls to master, no hammer to snag or figure out how to cock/decock, and a positive safety, these Beemiller distributed guns have an easy to learn manipulation drill. Google "hi-point torture tests" and you will see how virtually indestructible these guns are. If you do break it, mom will fix it.

Best yet, they sell for $130-180 in new or like new condition. This is a price that can't be touched by almost any other new production firearm.

Caliber and model considerations

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For plinking, the 9mm C9 can be shot for about ten bucks a box while still pulling double duty as a home defense gun. For CCW use, the Model CF-380 and 380COMP handguns fit the bill. For hunting medium game such as wild hogs and coyote, the .40 caliber Model 40 and .45ACP Model 45 can bring down the critters while still being able to meet defense needs.

Now don't get me wrong, the Hi-Points are not for everyone. If you would like to shoot thousands of rounds dirt-cheap but are not concerned about home defense, then you may want to look at a .22LR pistol. If semi-autos are hard for you to chamber and otherwise manipulate, a revolver may be something more your speed. Otherwise, you would be hard pressed to get a cheaper, better first handgun than a Hi-Point.

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April 26, 2013  •  10:08 PM
These facts are exactly why my wife and I purchased two C9 pistols. They are safe, reliable, simple to use and understand. Thank you Hi-Point!
July 24, 2013  •  11:37 PM
Worked for me. For years I had used a shotgun to hunt, with an occasional deer using a .30-.30. Then I retired and having read Hi-Point advertisements in magazines, and some reviews as well; both pro and con. I ventured into a small gun shop ten years ago and looked around. The seller specialized in Glock, but would order anything. I knew little at the time and asked about a cheap gun to start. He grabbed a C-9 off the wall and handed it to me. He said that's the best cheap gun you'll ever find. This was back when 9mm ammo was less than $10 at Wal-Mart. I loved that gun. I learned about adjusting the sights and accuracy. Many guns later, I still love to shoot it.
September 3, 2013  •  10:38 AM
obama was my reason to buy my first gun ever after 60 years. Never felt the need to own one before that as my Dad had given me a shotgun and that was all I needed for hunting. But when obama and a few Senators wanted to take our Second Amendment rights away I felt just writing letters was not enough. After doing some research the Hi-Point seem like the perfect gun for me in 45 acp. Since then My Wife has bought a revolver and a hunting rifle for me and I have bought a cheap little cobra .380 but that thing does not shoot as well has my Hi-Point does. Four guns and a ton of letter just might have gotten the point across along with all those other first time buyers.
October 1, 2013  •  09:42 PM
I have a older JH and JHP I own other pistols. My HI-Points are still my work a day guns.They have functioned without flaws and I can depend on them. My friend has had three other weapons that were not up to the advertising
October 16, 2013  •  12:58 PM
@TheWall I agree that is why i got the Hi-point 45. Reliable, American made, and a big nasty round. What more can be asked for in a gun that will hopefully only be used at the range... but if its needed for the secondary reason of home defense will do the job well.
December 27, 2013  •  05:27 PM
I own the C9. The price point, value and warranty sold me right away. I would have had to pay another $100.00 + for a Kel-Tec or SCCY CPX-2. I use the C9 for home defense and indoor range target shooting. The gun is comfortable to handle, soft recoiling and the sights are easy to see. It is also reliable and simple to clean. Thanks again Hi-Point!
January 9, 2014  •  10:02 PM
The C9 is my first pistol. Bought it 5 days ago and just came back from the range tonight. Ran 100 rounds through it. Loved it! 7 yard grouping was about 3-4 inches, 15 yards was 4-5 inches. I may not ever carry, and live in an area where home defense is not a big issue, but based on the research I did I'd have no hesitations doing either with it.
January 15, 2014  •  08:51 PM
Great first handgun. Reliable for an amazing price. Also at such an affordable price, it is a great first handgun to learn how each piece operates by complete strip down. No fear in customizing it either, like you would have with an expensive pistol. You don't have to baby a Hi Point.