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Default mossberg 715t magazine issue

i just bought this thing a few days ago took it all apart oiled it put it all back together and it wont load a round the round catches on the bolt see pic if i shake it around or wiggle the magazine a little bit the bolt will load the round and slid forward it ejects just fine just wont load. also when the mag is empty and you cock the bolt it wont close and catches on the red thingy (don't know what its called) and the bolt wont close all the way. any suggestions ? id hate to send the hole thing back to mossberg w.o having fired it once (edit: ive seen other issues with the mag but they seem to be related to not being able to load a full 25rds. having seen many issues on a round not loading anyone have a fix?

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Load the magazine with 10 rounds for a while and break it in. I oiled my magazines before using them and gave them a good cleaning. The follower should be well cleaned and oiled. If you have a 702 magazine try it and see if it's a magazine issue.

The bolt should not go forward when an empty magazine is in the well because the follower stops the bolt from going forward. Pull the bolt back a little ways and push the charging handle in to keep the bolt locked back.

If the bolt won't go forward all the way then you may have a dirty gun or lack of oil. When I start experiencing the bolt not seating, I add oil. I usually add oil every 75 rounds and keep the chamber clean. I also run a bore brush when I add oil to clean the breach and ramp. The breach is a very small hole that needs cleaned of gunpowder residue, a lot.

I found the 715T does not run as well as the 702. But, if you keep the breach, chamber, and ramp clean and lubed the cycling will improve.

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Firearms education is a wonderful thing.

DO NOT DRY FIRE THIS GUN. Doing so, the firing pin will strike the rear of the chamber and create a burr, which will prevent chambering a round. This will happen with ANY rimfire gun.

You problem may be a stuck firing pin catching on the rim of the shell while the action is working. Please, do not try to chamber live ammuntion indoors if this is the case. Doing so can cause a slam-fire. Keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction. Have the gun looked at by someone (gunsmith) or send it in for warranty work, if you don't know what to look for.

Firearms education is a wonderful thing.
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get some snap caps.
I use these in my .22LR.You can get them at Home Depot .#4 drywall anchors .Alot safer than using live rounds.
A Hi-Point at home is better than a Glock on layaway.

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Ya I know I didnt have anything eles on hand or I would have we figured out the problem anyway and got it fixed as far as the mag goes its going back to mossy tmr for replacement

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