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LongShot Mfg. has a history that spans two generations and more than sixty years of machining experience. Metalworking is our craft and has been passed down through generations in this family-owned and family-run business. At LongShot Mfg., we are keeping the legacy of craft and dedication alive. This arm of the business produces machined aluminum, steel, brass, and Muddy Girl camo accessories for Hi-Point Carbine models 995TS, 4095TS, 4595TS, 9mm w/ATI Stock, and the original models 995 and 4095.

LongShot Mfg LLC


973-786-4004 Andover, NJ 7821
United States

Down Range Products is a privately-owned Manufacturer and retailer of high quality Firearm parts and accessories. I got started with this in early 2012. I didn't like Hi Points charging handle roller ( Especially after I pinched my finger! ) so I designed my own. It went from there and I designed several more. They have gone over very well with Hi Point shooters! We have been making barrel thread protectors for various pistol calibers and AR platform rifles. They will fit a variety of other rifles as well. Down Range Products also has a growing inventory of thread adaptors, muzzle breaks, shrouds, crush washers, jam nuts and much more. We strive to provide high quality parts at fair prices, with excellent customer service. All parts are made in America in my CNC machine shop. Whether you're a veteran shooter or just getting started, you'll find what you need at Down Range Products If you don't, please give us a call or send us an email and we'll do our best to get you taken care of.

Down Range Products


712-330-7163 Iowa

CDS Tactical Products Designs, Manufactures, and sells cheek pads, grip wraps, and firearm parts.

CDS Tactical Products


330-822-8421 51 Ralston St, Suite 11
Keene, New Hampshire 3431
United States