5 Custom Hi Points

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  1. HFAdmin
    Hi-Point firearms are not generally known for their overall aesthetics.

    Instead many of us choose function over form and select Hi-Points as a product of reliability and consistency. That's not to say beautiful Hi-Points don't exist, to the contrary many members have taken their firearms to a whole new level, and one that regardless of your thoughts on these American made gems, is a beautiful thing unto itself.

    Molding, sculpting and changing the basic to something extraordinary is the American way and we here at HiPointFirearmsForums celebrate that today by taking a look at some of the multiple platforms and modifications submitted to us in our photos section. Make sure you get your Hi-Point added if you would like to be included in the future!


    "Hi Point 995 Folding Stock Rail Scope" - Apeha64


    Photo Courtesy of Doodle


    4095 TS - Hipointrebel


    Red Hi-point - Snapdragon75


    Photo courtesy of Skizzums


    That's it for now. If you would like to see more articles like this please be sure to get your photos added to our Photo Section.

    Happy Shooting!


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