"Gun Homicide" rate down 49% but most Americans don't know it.

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    "Gun Homicide" rate down 49% but most Americans don't know it.
    by Kirk Lawson

    So are "gun murders" up or down? Most Americans seem to believe that they're up; sometimes way up. Many U.S. citizens are utterly convinced that the U.S. has a "gun problem" and it is a "gun violence epidemic." Fortunately, nothing could be further from the truth.

    It turns out that in May 7, 2013, the Pew Research Center found that the rate of "gun homicides" per 100,000 in the U.S. DECLINED an astonishing 49% from its peak in 1993.

    The same release from Pew cites another survey in which they find that a clear 56% majority of the U.S. believe that "gun crime" has actually risen during the period in which it declined. Only about 12% of responders believed "gun violence" had declined.

    While many believe this is because of deliberate misinformation by the usual media outlets, many of them actually did report the Pew findings. That said, many would also argue that there is a difference between "reporting" Pew's findings and burying it in the news stream while sexing up and emphasizing every instance of violence they can. Exposes by Project Veritas offer compelling evidence
    that decision makers and reporters in most of the "main stream media" are indeed influencing what news is reported and how it is reported in order to promote their personal political agendas, which almost always coincide with Democrat politics; including "gun control." There's also the ever present fact of human nature that readers will click for bad news but are disinterested in good news. This is illustrated in the popular phrase, "If it bleeds, it leads."

    Another interesting fact, largely unexplored by the "main stream" sources who did report the Pew study, was that, while "gun homicides" were precipitously declining, U.S. gun ownership was rising. Instead of reporting that two conflicting trends, rising ownership and declining homicides, the reporting media chose to focus on things such as the anniversary of the douchebag murderer's misdeeds in Newtownor why the Pew study really shows that "gun violence" is still a big scary problem. Say what you will, but from the outside looking in, the way the "news stories" were framed sure looks like subtle bias and misdirection.

    That said, I would caution against claiming a causal inverse relationship when citing this study. It is true that as gun ownership increased, "gun violence" decreased. However, there could be many reasons why violence decreased ranging from anything such as better eduction in conflict resolution to pacification drugs lacing the water supply (ok, well, maybe not that). While there is a correlation of increasing gun ownership to decreasing "gun violence, "correlation," as they say, "is not causation." The CRITICALLY IMPORTANT thing that this and many other studies prove is that there is no causal relationship to "gun availability" rates and violent crime. The foundational bedrock belief of gun banners is that "more guns equal more crime." This study categorically disproves that. More gun in the U.S. simple do not equate to more gun crime.

    Sorry gun banners to destroy your cherished belief. Blame Pew (and facts and logic). If you can accept that, I'd love to welcome you to the side of Science and happy gun ownership. I'd be glad to take you out shooting some time.

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