Product Review - UTG Shooter's SWAT Bipod

  1. tallbump
    Product Review - UTG Shooter's SWAT Bipod
    by tallbump

    I got this UTG Bi-Pod with a gift card I got for Christmas.

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    It has dual mounting systems, either Picatinny mount or a swivel stud
    mount with a supplied adapter that converts a swivel stud to a small
    Picatinny rail while still allowing a sling to be attached to a stud.


    I got this bi-pod on Amazon for under $23. MSRP is $29.97.

    The height on this is 6.2 in and it is adjustable to 6.7 in. According
    to the manufacturer, Leapers, it weighs 8.1 oz. Full specs can be found
    on their site - =TL-BP28S&status=

    Let's start with what you get

    Here's the product in its packaging





    What's in the box

    Owner's manual and instructions


    The bi-pod


    And the swivel adapter


    Quality seems great. It's made out of aluminum and the feet are rubber.
    It can be mounted so that the legs can fold up to towards the muzzle or
    the barrel.

    The legs fold by pushing this button down and pulling on the leg.


    It is pretty stiff, perhaps this will get slightly easier over time.
    But, also, it doesn't seem that they will exactly fall down or collapse
    when you don't want them too.

    The height adjustment is made by twisting collar and the leg will pop
    out to the full extension. To put it back up, you twist it again, push
    the leg up and tighten the collar.


    Mounting is to an existing Picatinny rail is as should be expected.
    Simple and secure. I attached it to my S&W MP 15-22 just to try it


    It attached perfectly. Unfortunately, it is too short to work with the 25 round mag.


    Now, I chose this bi-pod because it came with the rail adapter as the rifle I was putting it on did not have a rail.

    Installation was easy and it seems very secure.

    The adapter goes on first, right over the swivel stud.


    It will look like this



    You then put this small screw through the adapter which goes through the original hole in the original stud.


    You then will have this



    Next comes the rail plate, which slips down over the assembly and down onto the stock



    This then gets locked into place by the collar. Be careful to install it
    the right way. There is a little lip inside, and it is closer to one
    side than the other which causes there to be more threads on one side.
    The instructions do not indicate which way it goes. I initially put it
    on wrong and the plate was not tight to the stock. I flipped the collar
    over and tightened it down and it is very secure now with no wiggle.



    Once this assembly is secure, you just mount the bi-pod to the rail.

    I chose to have the legs facing towards the muzzle when folded up.


    And here's a picture of the rifle with the legs down.


    This is with the legs not at the fullest extension.

    I have not had a chance to shoot with this yet. Being that it is on a
    .22lr, I expect it to hold up pretty well. I did not put any loctite on
    this, perhaps I will before I use it for shooting.

    I does not add a ton of height, but it does seem to add a stable base for shooting, which is what I was most concerned with.

    For the purchase price I am very happy so far with the product and would
    definitely recommend it. I will update once I have had a chance to
    shoot with it.

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