The SAR k2p -A Quality 9mm on a Budget

  1. SavageGuy
    The SAR k2p -A Quality 9mm on a Budget
    by "SavageGuy"

    (shown with after market grip sleeve)

    I'd like to take this time to share my experience thus far with the SAR k2p 9mm.

    I was on the hunt for a quality, full-size 9mm that didn't break the bank. I had already turned down the SD9VE, didn't like the trigger, and I am partial to hammer fired guns. I choose this gun for several reasons:

    1. Hammer fired
    2. Hi capacity
    3. Fit and overall feel of the gun
    4. Price
    5. Adjustable sights


    Little bit about the gun.

    (SAR is based out of Turkey and is distributed through EAA in Florida. SAR supplies the Turkish army with the K2p as their sidearm)

    Barrel: 3.8"
    Action: SA/SA
    Sights: Adjustable windage/elevation
    Safety: Manual Thumb
    Weight: 30 oz (empty)
    Height: 6"
    Length: 7.5"
    Capacity: 17+1 / 19+1

    Street price: $290-350.

    The CZ 75b magazines will work with this gun. I have a Mec-Gar cz 75b 19 rounder that works flawlessly with this gun.


    The factory 17 rounder has also been flawless.

    As for holsters, there is a paddle holster available that fits this gun. The Fobus sp-11. I use this holster when I carry this gun in the woods.


    I've put hundreds of issue-free round through this gun so far. ALL have been my handloads using my cast boolits [Editor Note: "boolits" is slang for cast-at-home alloyed lead bullets]

    I have not used any hollow points.

    Accuracy has been very good. At 15 yards, I can keep all 19 rounds in a hand-sized group. Recoil is very manageable.

    Field stripping the gun is simple. Pull the slide back about 1/4" to align the two dots on the slide and frame.


    Then, keeping the two dots aligned, push out the takedown pin.



    Then disassemble as normal.


    The only thing that I don't particularly care for about this gun would be the trigger. It's a little gritty with a bit of over travel. The DA pull is heavy, but the SA is pretty good.

    Overall, I couldn't be more pleased with this gun, especially for the price I paid. It shoots well, is very reliable, and seems to be a quality handgun!

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