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    1. xXChromeGhostXx
      I was just curious, I have a close friend that has recently been moved due to work, But the perk was he was able to re-aquire his leather working materials. I'm getting a holster made by him next month. The question is sorry lol. I was hoping to advertise it for him as he does quality work and very reasonable prices with shipping included on most items. I understand he would himself have to join the forum and talk to everyone. Also as said I will be showing off a holster for the C9 sometime next month.
    2. chfields
      I've been trying to post for 2 days, keeps saying need moderator approval..why and how long is it going to take?
    3. Mark72
      How do we report spam posts? This Marathon guy has post more spam in the carbine section.
    4. lizardking
      I want a canon but not sure how to go about buying one...last place i went to ask sorta blew me off -- ideas?
    5. hipoint91
      You totally rock! I didnt think id get something stickied, especially only being a member for a month. Im speechless
    6. jd0369
      I have a "Classifieds" question. If I own a business and sale targets and do not sale anything on the "Not Permitted" list (ie silencers and stuff) am I allowed to post that up? I saw you are the Mod for this section and wanted to run it by someone first. I don't want to violate and rules, I just didn't see anything about that. I did see Vendors but I don't sale Hightpoints, just mostly AR500 Steel Targets. Our website is if you need to check it out first. Thanks for any advice on if it's ok to post this.
    7. rharrison
      I see you are the mod for the vendor section. I'm an FFL who loves Hi-Points. Any issues with me posting my HP inventory as it comes in?
    8. ratchet1957
      Happy Birthday !!
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    Santa Maria, CA
    Air Force


    Hi-Point Model JHP (.45 ACP) "Nikita"
    Century Arcus 98 DAC (9mm)
    Marlin Model 60 (.22 LR)
    Izhmash Nagant Model 1895 (7.62x38mmR) "Annie"
    Henry Big Boy (.44 Mag) "Todd"
    Century Zastava Yugo M59/66 SKS (7.62x39mm)
    Mossberg 500 (12 gauge) "Freddy"
    Thompson/Center Icon (.308 Win)
    Izhmash Model 1891/30 Mosin-Nagant (7.62x54mmR)
    Colt LE6920 SOCOM/M4A1 (5.56 NATO) "Athena"
    PWA Arsenal Bulgarian Makarov (9mm Mak) "Eve"
    Cobra FS380 (.380 ACP) "Horse"
    S&W SD40VE (.40 S&W) "Cain"