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    1. Dane
      Cont’d :
      You have recently been asked to join a thread in which is an example. They are in fact applying censorship as they choose.
    2. Dane
      How long will the forum owners permit two staff members here to attack members, accusing others of violating rules that may or may not exist while violating rules themselves. Tolerate no comments either indirectly or directly towards their work, but on the same hand can comment as they chose towards those they consider sub to them??
    3. chfields
      Are you the same Austin as on the Marlin forum?
    4. xXChromeGhostXx
      I spoke with Flyboy just a moment ago about advertising, I have a personal friend that does leather work and metallergy (SP? sorry ). But i'm getting a custom made holster for my C9, n doing so I know there are a few people out here looking for a great CC or open carry holster in various pistol brands and configurations. He is a reasonably priced guy who would include shipping on most orders and can do most any custom idea for leather within his talents as an artist as well haha. But i was hoping that I could advertise his product and if everyone liked the looks and after carrying and using it for a period of time could write a review. Then bring him onto the site and start letting people talk with him and see what they think?
    5. conservativetroll
      Just in case there is a mix up as to my identity, i'm Dave aka "conservativetroll" the guy who makes the sights!!

      Need your help. I got some money from someone who did not include an addy. Neither the check nor the envelope had one. It was one of those that you look thru a clear panel for numbers so that there is actually no printing on the enevelope!! Got any ideas!!!????
    6. conservativetroll
      Austin, am i free to post on your site. I don't want any more grief, my process is now refined to the point that i can ship immediately up receipt!!
    7. Tellmenotherone
      Austin just a FYI, sent in a report on a new member a bit ago, disregard it, looked like a spammer the way he was asking for member info and was his what 10th post? but he does have other posts that were normal. sorry my mistake.
    8. SirShanksalot
      Hey Austin, would you be interested in doing a trigger review? Sent to you free of course. I would only ask that you report your findings good or bad.
      Randy Spradlin
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