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  1. Lounge
    I texted him, he still has the same number that I had for him! He's doing well, busy and all that IRL stuff, of course. Tiff is doing good and he has a few new guns since he checked in. He OK'ed this pic that he sent to my phone, OK to post it here! Colt MK IV in 45 ACP and an RIA...
  2. CCW & Open Carry
    Still working on an IWB holster, but I'm sure I will find the right one. I wanted a 40 round mag, but had to settle for a 28.
  3. Consumer Reviews
    Five Handguns I Wish I Still Owned by Greg Ritchie Charter Arms Undercover, 38 Special Not much to be said of this one I guess, it is a very well known revolver. It's a 5 shot stainless steel revolver with a plastic frame and oversized rubber grips. It had a decent double action trigger and an...
  4. Hi-Points For Sale
    Hello and thank you for viewing first and foremost! (if this is up it is still available) album (http://i.imgur.com/mwCJl4D.jpg) Description What i have is a customized Hi-Point .45 carbine that i did myself. it has a 1911 magazine catch to accept higher capacity magazines but the standard 7-8...
  5. Hi-Point Pistols
    Pardon my ignorance on the issue, I have never owned a Hi Point but will be in the market for one soon. Ok, so I have read many times that it is possible to modify 1911 mags to be used in a JHP and is possible, but probably ill advised, to modify the JHP to take unmodified 1911 mags. My...
  6. wtt

    Hi-Points For Sale
    I have a femaru 37 m that I don't shoot much it is chambered in .380 and has what appears to be the original holster and extra mag. I am looking for a trade for something in a larger caliber such as a rock island 1911 or maybe a revolver or shotgun. prefer face to face in NH.
1-6 of 6 Results