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  1. Cobra/Davis/Lorcin
    I'm writing this on my phone after completing my time at the range with my new old stock FS-380. I ran a mix of ammo, a majority being lead free indoor range ammo with a flat nose, 1 mag of hollow points, and a few mags of brass jacketed ammo. I ended up firing 128 rounds of ammo through it...
  2. Cobra/Davis/Lorcin
    I'm new to the forum and happy to find a place that covers these firearms and pieces of firearms history. My collection currently consists of a Raven MP-25 and a new old-stock Cobra FS-380. When searching for magazine I came across this one on E-bay that we've all probably seen at this point...
  3. Hi-Point Pistols
    Greetings Hi-Point Afficionados: We're trying to find a 380 ACP at a dealer in our area, and none carry it. None want to order to sell to us, either, because there's no mark-up in it for them. The reason we want one is to see if we can create a line of accessories from stainless and/or brass...
1-3 of 3 Results