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  1. Hi-Point Pistols
    Just curious if they make any kits to convert this to a carbine like glock has. Can't find anything really online so figured I asked. Or if anyone has any pics of custom builds they made
  2. General Hi-Point Discussion
    Hey! Im new to the site. I joined because I find this forum very informative and friendly. I don't own a Hi point yet, but I've had interest in them since I was a kid. That being said I'll jump straight into the topic. I'm in the market for one of the carbines, but I can't seem to decide which...
  3. Hi-Point Carbines
    Hello all, First time poster and HP owner here, i recently purchased a 4595 and so far i am very happy. I am also a long time reloader and am wondering if anyone has tried heavy for caliber bullets in their 4595? such as the Hornady xtp 250 grain. I have tried heavier than 230 grain in the 1911...
1-3 of 3 Results