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  1. Hi-Point Carbines
    I just bought a new 45 Carbine. I cannot insert the standard magazine unless I hold down the magazine release button while inserting the magazine. Is this the way it was designed?
  2. Hi-Point Reviews & Range Reports
    the last two times out I have found a issues with my 45, it seems with in the first clip fired ether the second or third round jams on the loading ramp to the bore. then every other clip I have at least one round that fallows the same problem. the first time I fired the 45. I thought it was...
  3. Hi-Point Pistols
    I bought the JHP took it home, field stripped it lubed it. Tried to put it back together. All the small parts came out and I don't know where they go. User manual says nothing about this. I am supposed fall asleep and have an angel appear with a diagram on how to reassemble this gun in a dream...
1-3 of 3 Results