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  1. Hi-Point Parts and Accessories For Sale or Trade
    Want to sell a factory magazine for a Hi-Point 995 carbine. Great condition. $25 shipped to your location. email: [email protected] thanks for looking!
    $25 USD
  2. Hi-Point Carbines
    I am brand spankin' new to this forum so if im posting this to the wrong place or am doing something wrong please let me know. I apologize in advance! Grandfather recently died and one of the guns passed down was a first gen 995, I was wondering if I could modify the rifle to look less ugly...
  3. Welcome Aboard
    Hello guys and gals! Just (re)joined after a very long hiatus. I had a 45 handgun back many moons ago and joined to get answers, tips, and any other info I could get from this forum, but I got rid of my 45 and removed myself from the forum. Now, just a few weeks ago, I picked up a used (needs...
  4. Welcome Aboard
    Hello fellow Hipoint enthusiasts. I am a new gun owner, bought my 1st gun ever today. I shot a Hipoint 9mm years ago and fell in love with it. Was at some strip pits with friends shooting guns off and was handed the HP. Always said if I ever bought a gun that would be it. I am not a real big...
  5. Wanted
    I own the classic 995 (9mm Luger) with the chrome shroud and am looking to get a second shroud so I can leave my iron sights mounted on one, and mount a red dot on the other. Anyone have a chrome shroud they would be willing to part with for a reasonable price? Thanks in advance.
  6. General Hi-Point Discussion
    As you can guess from the title my house burned down some years ago. After sifting through the ashes (literally), I think I have found most of the pieces to my 995. Of course, since most of the gun was plastic very little is left. I have the barrel, the firing mechanism (with a blob of melted...
  7. Hi-Point Carbines
    Hey guys, picked up a new 995 and I was super excited about it. Before I took it to the range I did take it apart, tried to polish the feed ramp a bit and smooth out the trigger pull a little, and I did leave the mags loaded for a few months to relax the springs a bit. These are all things I...
  8. Hi-Point Carbines
    As the title indicates, can anyone advise a source for a plastic follower only to help with magazine feed issues?
  9. Lounge
    Mounting a Harris Adapter onto a Hi-Point "Classic" stock by adam01364 I like the looks of the Classic "monkey gun" stock over the newer TS stock on my Hi-Point carbines. Since I'm not really into adding lasers or lights, the TS rails are kind of "meh". Hitting bulls eyes while shooting...
  10. Hi-Point Carbines
    Hello all, I watched a video created by ThingMeister on how to remove the stock trigger and install the TM trigger. The second pin he pulled to remove the trigger is slightly bent on one side and is only able to be removed in one direction. When I got to this step on my 995 carbine (monkey...
  11. Welcome Aboard
    Picked up my 995 yesterday and dumped 400 rds thru it already ... probably will dump another 4-500 thru it today ... have had a few problems, looking forward to reading up and conversing about it ... Northern Virginia ...
  12. Steals, Deals, and Giveaways
    Amazon.com has these "Accessory Picatinny Top Rail Hi-Point 995TS & 3895TS Rifle Aluminum Black" rails for $27.00 + $4.99 Shipping. Get them while you can for this awesome price...
  13. Hi-Point Parts and Accessories For Sale or Trade
    For sale: TWO new Hi-Point 995/995TS 15 round magazines, by ProMag. Part# HIP-A3 UPC# 708279010033 From Manufacturer: "An extended (by 3.75") blue-steel magazine holding 15-rounds of 9mm ammunition for the Hi-Point 995/995TS Carbine. This magazine comes with a follower, bumper/base plate and...
  14. Hi-Point Carbines
    I was doing some measuring and found out that the furthest edge of the second column in the stock of the 995 (measured from the front edge of the iron sight, not the muzzle) came out to just over 26 1/2 inches... plus the 1/3 of an inch from the iron sight to the muzzle too. So with some good...
  15. Hi-Point Parts and Accessories For Sale or Trade
    Limited quantities at special 15% discounts available at http://www.longshotmfg.com/Black-Anodized-Friday.html No other discounts apply. Get 'em while they are still in stock and ready to ship!
  16. Hi-Point Carbines
    Limited quantities at special 15% discounts available at http://www.longshotmfg.com/Black-Anodized-Friday.html No other discounts apply. Get 'em while they are still in stock and ready to ship!
  17. Wanted
    Hi, Bought an older 995 carbine. There is no front sight. I need the complete assembly. Thanks
  18. Hi-Point Parts and Accessories For Sale or Trade
    I put the TS stock on my 995 and I also bought a black receiver shroud for the all black look. I thought about keeping the chrome parts and the first gen stock in case I ever wanted to put it back. well, I decided I will never sell or get rid of my 995 so if I could get some parts in trade for...
  19. Hi-Point Carbines
    Moved to Marketplace Woops-sorry. Moved to Marketplace.
  20. Hi-Point Carbines
    Found some Carbines for sale. I was just wondering what I should counter-offer. Never owned one before, and don't wanna overpay too badly. Based on provided information, what should I xpect to pay for: Hi-Point 995 Carbine: -"Planet of the Apes" Stock -3x 10-round Clips -[Additional Accessories...
1-20 of 26 Results