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  1. Welcome Aboard
    Hey all, Just got my first hi point rifle a few days ago. I'm super interested in modifying firearms as my career is as a mechanical design engineer I work with small intricate components daily and have so many ideas for this thing. My 995ts started life new and stock, ended up getting those...
  2. Hi-Point Carbines
    Hello community - I have been reading through these forums for a few weeks. Actually it was some of the people posting here about the HTA bullpup stock and the Hi-Point lifetime warranty that convinced me to pull the trigger (awful pun, I know) on a Hi-Point 995TS. It is used. I never had it to...
  3. Hi-Point Carbines
    I want to know if anyone has any ideas for a BFD to fit the 995TS w/o a threaded barrel. I had the HP muzzle break, however I don't want it on the firearm anymore. This is my o_O"YOU DIDN'T TAKE OFF YOUR SHOES AT THE DOOR?!":shooting: gun after all. Meaning, it would be nice to think we could...
  4. General Hi-Point Discussion
    I am trying to look into information (& links) for what kind of foregrip will work on my 995ts (with pic rails). I have looked into all of this but have really only found old posts, with outdated (or vague) info and 0 pictures. I would prefer one that can also house the tool that comes with the...
  5. Hi-Point Carbines
    New guy question. Waiting on my 995TS to show up and already buying accessories for it. Really like the look of compensators on the end. will ANY threaded compensator fit? I assume they just screw on? Yes, total noob question. seen the ones on down range but want to look at more options...
  6. General Hi-Point Discussion
    Does any one think that a .223 carbine that looks like the current highpoint carbine would be sweet. The poor mans .223 :D Thank God for Amarican made guns. :)
  7. Hi-Point Carbines
    Why do people refer to a reliable and accurate platform like the 995ts as a "range toy" only when its brought up in a self defense conversation. If I can get 2 inch grouping at 100 yrds and sight my laser at 20 yards then I'm pretty sure I have an effective weapon platform that would cover most...
  8. Hi-Point Carbines
    Since I've been laid up and not able to do all I like to do, I've been thinking of modifying a drum mag to work with the new bullpup stock and the standard 995. I'd like to know if there would be enough interest in this to make a go at it. So any thoughts or comments would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Hi-Point Carbines
    I made a 2 point quick adjust sling for my 995ts and just thought I'd share. It was cheap and simple to make $4.00 - $10.00 depending on items needed and works perfectly. Here's a link to the video.
  10. Hi-Point Reviews & Range Reports
    I finally got to the range with my new (2 month old) 995TS FG 2xRB carbine for the first time. I am happy to report that I am overwhelmed by its simplicity and accuracy. I put 120 rounds of Blazer Brass 5200 through it and it was absolutely flawless. The 20 round Red Ball Mags are really nice...
  11. Hi-Point Carbines
    I’ve got the 995TS on the way and looking for some suggestions on converting an airgun baseball shoot out target I made to use with the 995. I’ve seen posts here of people getting quarter size or .95 of an inch at 25-50 yards. The target I made has multiple spots to hit ranging in size from...
  12. General Hi-Point Discussion
  13. Welcome Aboard
    Hi Everyone, I am new to Hi Point Carbines but have some pistol experience. I think I am pretty disciplined and always try to do things right. A buddy of mine showed me his new 995TS with front grip and 4x scope and told me how much he enjoyed it. That was enough to get me really enthused about...
  14. Wanted
    Im trying to buy a 995ts in louisville ky or someone who would drove to louisville ky too. Have 150 to spend
  15. Hi-Point Carbines
    On the Hi-Point website, they sell the 20 round Red Ball mags. The ones I've been looking at on the site come with the mag holder which fits on the stock... Do any of you have this configuration on your 995ts? If so, can you possibly post pictures so I can check the fit?
  16. Hi-Point Carbines
    Took the forend cover off the barrel to wipe everything down after a trip to the range yesterday, and when I put it back on, the lever on the top rail lock broke...... I called HP this morning and they are sending me one.... Question -- this is a Fxxxxx S/N weapon so it's not that old, and...
  17. Hi-Point Carbines
    Does anyone make a belt holster for the HP 9mm carbine 10round magazines? I am planning on using mine for winter PCC indoor two gun matches and just realized my glock 43 single stack magazine holsters are too big for the HP magazines. If you have a solution please share.
  18. Hi-Point Carbines
    Saw these on FB tonight... $30 bucks doesn't seem bad. Be forewarned tho, looks like pre-orders for now, shipping December 1st. **I'm new so I can't post links yet, just delete the quotes** "https://store11778777.yolastore.com/Aluminum-Hi-Point-triggers-p88779393"
  19. Steals, Deals, and Giveaways
    Amazon.com has these "Accessory Picatinny Top Rail Hi-Point 995TS & 3895TS Rifle Aluminum Black" rails for $27.00 + $4.99 Shipping. Get them while you can for this awesome price...
  20. Hi-Point Reviews & Range Reports
    Hello all, A new member and first time poster on the forum. I recently purchased a 995TS Carbine from a local gun shop. Price was 299+tax and background check fee. Was expecting a black stock as I did/do not see any reason to pay extra for the cammo stock. The gun store is not a stocking...
1-20 of 47 Results