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  1. General Hi-Point Discussion
    I am trying to look into information (& links) for what kind of foregrip will work on my 995ts (with pic rails). I have looked into all of this but have really only found old posts, with outdated (or vague) info and 0 pictures. I would prefer one that can also house the tool that comes with the...
  2. Hi-Point Pistols
    Hello all, just ordered the jcp 40, I know all the little tweeks that need done. Was wondering what accessories will fit. Really just want a TAC light. Figured I've always bought expensive arms, cheaper one does same thing. Shot my bros c9 great gun so ordered the 40 and 4 mags, drop leg holster...
  3. Hi-Point Carbines
    Soon to be released....Bottom Rail and Side Rails for the Original Hi-Point 995. Finally, owners of the Original Hi-Point 995 will be able to upgrade their carbines with additional functions and accessories for those flimsy old stocks. Each of these new rails are secured to the plastic stock...
  4. Hi-Point Pistols
    Greetings Hi-Point Afficionados: We're trying to find a 380 ACP at a dealer in our area, and none carry it. None want to order to sell to us, either, because there's no mark-up in it for them. The reason we want one is to see if we can create a line of accessories from stainless and/or brass...
  5. Hi-Point Carbines
    I recently purchased a 995ts from a friend but he was unable to find the sling or the swivel studs. I was wondering what after market studs I could use to mount a single point sling without having to do a lot of drilling? Or if anyone had some of the original swivel studs laying around is gladly...
  6. Hi-Point Carbines
    New 995ts owner wondering about accessories on the hipoint site. Are the scope 4x30, beamshot 1000s, or truGlo red dot worth a buy?
  7. Hi-Point Pistols
    How much difference is there between the hi point accessory rail and a picatinny/weaver rail and how hard would it be to convert?
  8. Hi-Point Carbines
    Took my new 995TS to the range for the first time today. Had A blast with no jams or anything. I already have the flash light and compinsator on the way from Hi-point. My question is what should I get next? I'm debating between Hi-Points Laser or Red dot sight? Which provides better accuracy...
1-8 of 8 Results