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    The 10 Meter Game by "histed" [Hammerli AR 20 Precision Air Rifle, caliber .177] If someone had told me a year ago that they shot a 94 10X in a rifle competition, I might have asked what rifle, what caliber, what distance… If the answer was 33 ½ with a .177 pellet rifle, I probably...
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    The Advantages of a Pellet Rifle - Part III by Kirk Lawson In the second article of this series we discussed how a Pellet Rifle is a useful option for at-home training. In this article we will look at why a Pellet Rifle is a useful tool for the prepper. For the most part, we will restrict our...
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    The Advantages of a Pellet Rifle - Part I By Kirk Lawson A Pellet Rifle, sometimes called an Air Rifle or an Air Gun, is a long-arm which uses compressed gas, usually air, to propel a small caliber pellet down the barrel. Pellet Guns are often associated with cheap children's toys, usually...
1-3 of 3 Results