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  1. General Firearms Discussion
    Plus Mags and a crate of Russian ammo. Paid too much but oh well, it was a friend who needed $ Pics Later, in hurry ATM
  2. General Firearms Discussion
    I'm sorry but I can't hold my tongue any longer. All this boo hoo about possibly losing the right to have assault weapons and HI Cap mags. I do believe in the right to protect yourself and your loved ones, but honestly no one really NEEDS these weapons. If you are competent with a firearm then...
  3. General Firearms Discussion
    In no way am I bashing Ak's or Ar's but what I've been seeing recently is just silly. I'm talking about people that had no interest in assault style rifles until they heard that they may not be allowed to have them. If you owned an Ak or Ar before all this ban talk then my rant doesn't apply to...
  4. General Firearms Discussion
    http://www.visualnews.com/2012/10/28/ak-47-assault-rifles-become-symbols-of-peace/ What a waste of parts.:mad:
1-4 of 4 Results