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  1. Caliber Zone
    How Long Will Ammo Last? by Kirk Lawson Right now ammunition is in a "seller's market." Ammunition manufacturers are cranking out as much as they can, as fast as they can. And pretty much every last drop of it is selling within days. Some people are new gun owners and trying to buy ammunition...
  2. Consumer Reviews
    Reloading Presses I Have Owned by Greg Ritchie I started out reloading many years ago In the reloading room of my good friend Pete. Pete was a fan of the RCBS presses and no doubt influenced my tastes in reloading equipment. I loaded many rounds on the JR presses and formed quite a few on the...
  3. Lounge
    Definition Series - Part 6: "Ammunition" by Kirk Lawson Ammunition is to guns as gasoline is to a car. It is a consumable product that is required for the operation of the machine. There is some slang surrounding the product and we will identify a few of the slang words. We will use the most...
  4. Non Hi-Point Classifieds
    NIB .40 cal. Missouri Bullets IDP#5 .401 180 gr. TCFP 500 ct. $30 CJN Casting .402 180 gr. TC 500 ct. $33 .44 cal. Magnus #708 .430 240 gr. RNFP 400 ct. $40 Shipping will be on you.
  5. 2nd Amendment
    tinyurl.com/phlz2ap This is the NRA website link to send letters against the ban on m855. I'm hoping if this is sent enough, it will make the difference. It's worth the try. btw HI GUYS how's it going.
  6. General Hi-Point Discussion
    I just purchased my 1st pistol and it is the C9. What ammunition do you recommend for target and then for self defense? Really a newbie here. Appreciate if you can offer advice!:)
  7. Hi-Point Carbines
    I had my eye on some Tulammo 9mm steel cased ammo 1000rd cases from a couple of different sources but was waiting until I burned through my current Winchester garbage(which my carbine HATES). Checking again today, I can't seem to find what I was looking at on any of the common ammo sites. I...
  8. General Hi-Point Discussion
    I'd like some info about purchasing ammo online, please. 1. How do I go about providing proof of age? 2. Is shipping cost a deal breaker? (Do shipping charges negate online savings when making purchase of 1 or 2 boxes only?) 3. What are the most trusted vendors?
  9. Hi-Point Pistols
    Hi all! I'm going to be ordering a .45 JHP this week! Im excited! I'm wondering if the factory case is worth it or just get a cheap Plano case for $10.00. I have also seen people mention Fobus holsters. The holster and mag deal from Hi-Point seems like a good deal. I was surprised by the...
  10. Caliber Zone
    Can I use my winchester .308 ammo in my Hi Point 9mm luger Rifle ?
  11. Hi-Point Pistols
    Ok so I am looking for some input I have purchased and love firing my Hi-Point .45 ACP great gun and my first hundred rounds fired flawlessly great accuracy smooth operation just great. That was factory loaded ammo. I have since started hand loading my ammo to save money and it is enjoyable...
  12. General Hi-Point Discussion
    I like keep my pistols ready for snakes with shot shell loads. How well does CCI shotshell ammo work. Will it cycle properly or will i need to chamber them manually on each shot?? I'm wanting to use it in my c9 Thanks, KWM:wavey:
1-12 of 12 Results