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  1. Hi-Point Pistols
    Hey, just got this C9 and put about 80 rounds through it for the first time. I looked at the barrel, and noticed a small nick on there. Is that just normal wear and tear? I’m worried it might effect the accuracy or something like that. I’ve attached a pic. Any advice would be greatly...
  2. Hi-Point Carbines
    Sorry for wasting your time.
  3. Hi-Point Pistols
    So from what i can tell from the dimensions on the HP site, the difference between the c9 and c9 with a compensator is .5" of the barrel. I assume in that half inch is where the compensator attaches. So, i know i can get a barely used c9 for a decent price, but i would really like the...
  4. Hi-Point Carbines
    Have any noticed this? I noticed this first with my 9mm TS. Not being familiar with the carbines I was constantly making sight adjustments. Drastic at first and then fewer over time. Now, I can use the peep and post at 50 yards with 7 of 10 inside the 9 - 10 ring and the other three within...
1-5 of 5 Results