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  1. Consumer Reviews
    Hornady Iron Press 6 Month Review by Greg Ritchie It's been Just over 6 months since I traded my RCBS Summit portable "reloading kit in a bucket" for the Hornady Iron. Bottom line is I like the Hornady Iron a lot. First a look at the disadvantages of the Hornady Iron. Cost is considered to be...
  2. Lounge
    Definition Series - Part 6: "Ammunition" by Kirk Lawson Ammunition is to guns as gasoline is to a car. It is a consumable product that is required for the operation of the machine. There is some slang surrounding the product and we will identify a few of the slang words. We will use the most...
  3. Non Hi-Point Classifieds
    NIB .40 cal. Missouri Bullets IDP#5 .401 180 gr. TCFP 500 ct. $30 CJN Casting .402 180 gr. TC 500 ct. $33 .44 cal. Magnus #708 .430 240 gr. RNFP 400 ct. $40 Shipping will be on you.
  4. Reloading Room
    Im just starting to learn about hand loading so I'll have lots of questions but my first one is. Can I use this bullet in a 4595 ? Barnes XPB Handgun Bullets 460 S&W (451 Diameter) 200 Grain Solid Copper Hollow Point Lead-Free Box of 20...
  5. Hi-Points For Sale
    170gr. Core Lokt RNSP in 8mm Mauser to trade. Qty 70 + 20 170gr. Federal Power-Shok SP + a few Hornady RNSP 170.gr as "extras".8 Looking to trade for brass, other projectiles, open to ideas. Interested in 40 S&W, 9mm, 7.63x39, .243, 8mm. We each pay our own shipping.
1-5 of 5 Results