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  1. Hi-Point Pistols
    I would like to preface by saying a firearms safety is one of the most important parts and should never be altered or tampered with. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME OR ANYWHERE!!! With that being said, I recently bought and installed faux wooden grips on my pistol. I'm pretty anal about my firearms so...
  2. Hi-Point Reviews & Range Reports
    Just purchased a C9 on Friday and was out to the range today. Using Magtech, Tula, and ZVS ammo of the 115 grain variety. Nothing was done to the gun beforehand other than a check of the bore and keeping a full mag of ammo loaded to work the magazine spring. I did remove the magazine disconnect...
  3. Hi-Point Pistols
    I was running around the web and came across this pic, anyone know what it is?
  4. Hi-Point Pistols
    Has anyone found the edges of their Hi Point C9 or other pistol to be very sharpe? Seems to me that my C9 really digs into my finger when I'm firing it. If so, any mod to resolve the issue?
  5. Hi-Point Pistols
    Does anyone have extra C-9 mags that are either new or in good working condition they want to sell? Send me a price!
  6. Hi-Point Pistols
    They finally got it up and posted today. http://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2011/11/daniel-zimmerman/counterpoint-kevin-smith-reviews-the-hi-point-c-9/comment-page-1/#comment-115285
1-6 of 6 Results