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  1. Hi-Point Carbines
    Howdy, The front sight on my 1095 is loose, I was wondering what is the correct position and the best way to keep it from moving in the future? There's a little slot on the bottom, I assume the block is supposed to go to the back of the slot? I'm not sure, any feedback is appreciated :)
  2. Hi-Point Carbines
    Combining my 2 loves, .45ACP and spending money. Tin cans beware!
  3. Hi-Point Carbines
    I just bought a new 45 Carbine. I cannot insert the standard magazine unless I hold down the magazine release button while inserting the magazine. Is this the way it was designed?
  4. Welcome Aboard
    Hello guys and gals! Just (re)joined after a very long hiatus. I had a 45 handgun back many moons ago and joined to get answers, tips, and any other info I could get from this forum, but I got rid of my 45 and removed myself from the forum. Now, just a few weeks ago, I picked up a used (needs...
  5. Hi-Point Carbines
    So I just got the 9mm carbine...Well the charging handle got stuck closed. It was working fine when I left the shop by the way. Well I read here a guy bent down the safety and that worked so it slides back and forth. Well now it does not click/cock to fire when I pull it back all the way now and...
  6. Hi-Point Carbines
    Why do people refer to a reliable and accurate platform like the 995ts as a "range toy" only when its brought up in a self defense conversation. If I can get 2 inch grouping at 100 yrds and sight my laser at 20 yards then I'm pretty sure I have an effective weapon platform that would cover most...
  7. Hi-Point Carbines
    Probably not the first time a thread like this, but search didn't turn up much in the first few pages. Figure we can all benefit from this so I'll throw it out there. I'm in the market for a 4595 and the median price seems to hover around $250ish. Best I've found so far? Dalone GA Armory -...
  8. Wanted
    Im trying to buy a 995ts in louisville ky or someone who would drove to louisville ky too. Have 150 to spend
  9. General Hi-Point Discussion
    Hey! Im new to the site. I joined because I find this forum very informative and friendly. I don't own a Hi point yet, but I've had interest in them since I was a kid. That being said I'll jump straight into the topic. I'm in the market for one of the carbines, but I can't seem to decide which...
  10. Welcome Aboard
    Picked up my 995 yesterday and dumped 400 rds thru it already ... probably will dump another 4-500 thru it today ... have had a few problems, looking forward to reading up and conversing about it ... Northern Virginia ...
  11. Hi-Point Pistols
    I have seen claims that the C9 shares a lot of parts with the 995TS. Does anyone know if it is possible to mount a carbine length barrel on a handgun? Has anyone tried this, do the parts fit, and does the gun function safely and reliably? Please be kind, I have a legitimate and reasonable...
  12. Hi-Point Reviews & Range Reports
    Hello all, A new member and first time poster on the forum. I recently purchased a 995TS Carbine from a local gun shop. Price was 299+tax and background check fee. Was expecting a black stock as I did/do not see any reason to pay extra for the cammo stock. The gun store is not a stocking...
  13. Hi-Point Reviews & Range Reports
    Hi Point TS 995 fired like this right out of the box (well OK, I added the flashlight). 50 feet, factory iron sights, indoors, leaning on bench.
  14. Welcome Aboard
    Hello all, I hope you're doing well. I just bought a TS 995 a week ago. It's had 2 trips to the range so far. First fired with factory iron sights indoors at 50 feet. pretty accurate. 2nd trip to range fired with cheap dot sight at 25 yards, still nice. Very reliable once you learn how to load...
  15. Hi-Point Carbines
    Has anyone tried laserlyte 9mm cartridge in their 995 carbine along with the target? How good does it work? Thanks
  16. Hi-Point Carbines
    Hi. If this is already posted, I apologize. I have been looking thru the threads, and I haven't seen anything. Has anyone moved the nut/swivel on their 995TS so its on the left side of the gun? If you have, can you explain how you get the nut side out and what tools you used to do it...
  17. Hi-Point Carbines
    Hey everyone, I've got a base 995 model which I purchased in 2009/2010. I was reading on Wikipedia that there is a company (didn't specify who), that makes a 'shield' that goes over the pistol grip. Does anyone have any information on who they might be and how much they might cost? Thanks in...
  18. Hi-Point Parts and Accessories For Sale or Trade
    C'mon and get your girl muddy...check 'em out. http://www.longshotmfg.com/Muddy-Girl.html
  19. Reloading Room
    Does anyone have any experience with reloading the Rainier Copper Plated Hollow Point bullets for their 995ts carbine? I am using Bullseye powder, trying to determine the COAL for this round. There is some published data from Rainier on this bullet, but the listed OAL is 1.165" which is also...
  20. Hi-Point Carbines
    For a limited time, we are taking special orders on any of our aluminum accessories in PINK, just in time for Mother's Day. Photo available soon to give an idea of color (which may vary slightly from the photo). Please use our Contact form from http://www.longshotmfg.com to indicate which model...
1-20 of 52 Results