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  1. CCW & Open Carry
    Hi ya'll. I'm a legal CCW permit holder. I normally carry a .38 SPL S&W snubby because NC is HOT in the summer, but I have to go out of town on business and I'll be wearing a suit and tie (I hate suits and ties). And....the boss will only pay for a pretty rough hotel near the airport in...
  2. Consumer Reviews
    Impressions on Ruger's EC9s By "histed" In 2011, Ruger announced a lightweight compact 9mm pistol, the LC9. At just over 17 ounces in weight and 6 inches in length, it was the same size or smaller than many of the .380 ACP compacts on the market at the time. The LC9 also featured adjustable...
  3. Gunsmith shop
    Hey y'all! New-ish hi-point owner, and gotta say I'm in love. I did a few modifications and would love to see the other forum members creations! I've gotten compliments from straight up "glock-bros" that said they wouldn't mind it in their safe lol. Only got a few pistols and a rifle, but this...
  4. Welcome Aboard
    Hello, My name is Chris and I'm a firearms instructor in Minnesota, I mostly do permit to carry classes (or concealed carry classes depending on the state). :) I've own guns of some type or another most of my life, mostly a shotgun guy but love my handguns and rifles as well. My last interest...
  5. General Hi-Point Discussion
    Im a RI resident, work as a firefighter /paramedic, and would like to obtain my CCW. My town is a shall issue per local police, I am a LT with the town Rescue, I also teach classes throughout RI , where I travel to rather not so safe towns, ( not at schools, where I am prohibited to carry)...
  6. Hi-Point Pistols
    Is there anyone carrying a hi-point for their CCW? And would you recommend or not recommend it?
1-6 of 6 Results