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  1. Survival Zone
    I am planning on picking up the plans for this. Think it would be a great thing for my off the grid property. Www.johnsonmotor.org
  2. Gunsmith shop
    Hey, new to the forums. Had a question about the soon to be mine C9. I have heard about the legendary 9lb. trigger pull. Is there any way to trim some weight off of this? I have seen someone on YouTube cut a couple turns off the firing pin spring with no reported negative results. Any other...
  3. Welcome Aboard
    Just purchased a C9. I have the 5 day wait period but I am very excited to see how it performs. I have read a lot of mixed reviews, accepting that you get what you pay for, it seems as though there are minor flaws with the C9 that can be corrected or lessened if the time is applied. I am...
1-3 of 3 Results