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  1. General Hi-Point Discussion
    Hello all, I hope you'll forgive me if this is the wrong place for this, but I'm a terrible researcher, so I couldn't find anywhere better suited. I'd like to know some general measurements for the Hi-point .40. What's the overall length? How thick is it? how long is the grip from the bottom...
  2. Hi-Point Reviews & Range Reports
    I've been waiting for a few weeks since I got my JHP to have a chance to get to the range and finally shoot it. It's been a difficult wait, but I finally got it done today. Initial report: I put 50 rounds through the pistol. Some American Eagle brass, the rest (30 rounds) was Blazer Aluminum. I...
  3. CCW & Open Carry
    I told myself when I turn 18, I'm going to open carry. It's been way past my birthday, and I still haven't. I don't have the patience to spend time with the cops asking me crap they shouldn't have to. I live in an area where a fair amount of people open carry, but I still feel like I'm going...
1-3 of 3 Results