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  1. Hi-Point Carbines
    So I just got the 9mm carbine...Well the charging handle got stuck closed. It was working fine when I left the shop by the way. Well I read here a guy bent down the safety and that worked so it slides back and forth. Well now it does not click/cock to fire when I pull it back all the way now and...
  2. Hi-Point Pistols
    I would like to preface by saying a firearms safety is one of the most important parts and should never be altered or tampered with. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME OR ANYWHERE!!! With that being said, I recently bought and installed faux wooden grips on my pistol. I'm pretty anal about my firearms so...
  3. Hi-Point Pistols
    The roll pin, what is it for? I was given an old c9 to try and fix and when I have the pin out I can slide it back, take the mag out, release the slide, put the mag back in, and dry fire it. but when I have that pin in, it won't dry fire at all. so what Is that pin for and does anyone know of a...
1-3 of 3 Results