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  1. Consumer Reviews
    Book Reiview: The Book of Two Guns by Tiger McKee by Kirk Lawson As I've written before, I am a life-long martial artist and therefore the idea of fighting with firearms within the trappings of a martial art appeals to me. The title of Mr. McKee's book is an obvious call-out to Miyamoto...
  2. Consumer Reviews
    Class Review - Hojutsu; the Martial Art of Firearms by Kirk Lawson Over the summer of 2018 my goal was to spend more time and effort on personal training. The first weekend of May, I took a two-day course on Hojutsu. The instructor was Sensei Norman Hood and the course was hosted by Defensive...
  3. Lounge
    Jack Weaver Didn't Invent the Weaver Stance by Kirk Lawson OK, despite what the "best" understanding of history is, including what I believed, it looks like Jack Weaver didn't invent the stance which now bears his name and which he is widely credited for. Just like what we now call the...
1-3 of 3 Results