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  1. Consumer Reviews
    Hornady Iron Press 6 Month Review by Greg Ritchie It's been Just over 6 months since I traded my RCBS Summit portable "reloading kit in a bucket" for the Hornady Iron. Bottom line is I like the Hornady Iron a lot. First a look at the disadvantages of the Hornady Iron. Cost is considered to be...
  2. Consumer Reviews
    Reloading Presses I Have Owned by Greg Ritchie I started out reloading many years ago In the reloading room of my good friend Pete. Pete was a fan of the RCBS presses and no doubt influenced my tastes in reloading equipment. I loaded many rounds on the JR presses and formed quite a few on the...
  3. Hi-Point Carbines
    I was wondering how I could find out what bullet weight the rifling was optimized for. I recently took some 180gr. Berry's Copper plated rounds to try them out. At 25 yards I could barely keep 5 shots on a man-size target, including the arms! I went by the Lee 2nd Ed. loading manual, and used...
1-3 of 3 Results