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  1. General Hi-Point Discussion
    Has anyone taken apart a redball magazine? I'm curious how the springs and follower work on that odd bend and if I could 3d print a solution that works for regular magazines.
  2. CCW & Open Carry
    Hi ya'll. I'm a legal CCW permit holder. I normally carry a .38 SPL S&W snubby because NC is HOT in the summer, but I have to go out of town on business and I'll be wearing a suit and tie (I hate suits and ties). And....the boss will only pay for a pretty rough hotel near the airport in...
  3. Welcome Aboard
    Hello fellow HI-POINT folks, I am a long time regular gun guy. Non Mil or LE. I lean more to the competition side of the house and regularly place somewhere in the middle of the pack at most matches. I bought my first Hi Point a JHP 45 last Fall and am currently competing in the single...
  4. Consumer Reviews
    The Hi Point of Revolvers by "histed" [Ghetto Glock meet Ghetto Colt] I love cheap guns. It is an addiction that the forum members here enable constantly. Recently I took another "hit" and purchased a Rock Island Arms M206 revolver. It's cheap - mine was 251.37 out the door. Knowing that...
  5. Hi-Point Carbines
    On the Hi-Point website, they sell the 20 round Red Ball mags. The ones I've been looking at on the site come with the mag holder which fits on the stock... Do any of you have this configuration on your 995ts? If so, can you possibly post pictures so I can check the fit?
  6. Lounge
    Mounting a Harris Adapter onto a Hi-Point "Classic" stock by adam01364 I like the looks of the Classic "monkey gun" stock over the newer TS stock on my Hi-Point carbines. Since I'm not really into adding lasers or lights, the TS rails are kind of "meh". Hitting bulls eyes while shooting...
  7. General Hi-Point Discussion
    Why You Need a Muzzle Brake on Your Hi Point Carbine by Kirk Lawson A Muzzle Brake, sometimes called a "Recoil Compensator" or just a "Compensator," is a device which attaches to the end of the barrel with specific cuts, vents, or holes designed to redirect the combustion gases to reduce or...
  8. General Hi-Point Discussion
    Hey! Im new to the site. I joined because I find this forum very informative and friendly. I don't own a Hi point yet, but I've had interest in them since I was a kid. That being said I'll jump straight into the topic. I'm in the market for one of the carbines, but I can't seem to decide which...
  9. Hi-Point Pistols
    Hi everyone. I’m new to firearms. I own a Ruger SR9C as well as a Hi-Point JCP.40 I got the Hi-Point mainly based on a great price, and intend on using it for home defense. I bought some .40 snap caps on Amazon to get a feel for safely loading and unloading the pistol before taking it to the...
  10. Hi-Point Pistols
    Hey guys apperciate all the views from this website and look forward to any suggestions Again thanks, Steve
  11. Welcome Aboard
    My dad bought a Hi Point and kept it in his truck for years. He wanted a "beater/just in case" gun, so he treated it harshly.:( It always worked for him. When he passed away 15 years ago, I inherited his Hi Point pistol. The bore was rusted and the firing pin was broken from bouncing around...
  12. Hi-Point Pistols
    I am new so maybe it's me, but when I bought my 40s&w I wanted to play around and get to know it. When I pull back the slide it takes me forever to get it back closed. Is this because of no rounds in the clip? Is there something I should know? Please help with any knowledge you may have.
  13. Hi-Points For Sale
    Selling my BSA Red Dot...Used once decided the original sights fitted my needs better. Condition is like new, comes with an extra button cell battery and all original packaging. Drop a reply if interested.
1-13 of 13 Results