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  1. Hi-Point Pistols
    Hi guys I attended an IDPA match last night for the first time and I brought with me the C9, it performed flawlessly and it was a fun to do, will definitely be doing again. Here is the link not sure how to make it play within the thread.
  2. Hi-Point Pistols
    I've had my C9 for a few weeks and have enjoyed shooting it, but it definitely had some feed issues out of the box--mostly catching on the feed ramp and hitting the top of the barrel hood. I'd been getting stoppages on just about every magazine, so I made it my goal to get this as reliable as...
  3. Hi-Points For Sale
    I have a Hipoint C9 that I've customized quite a bit of. I've polished the feed-ramp, barrel, The slide, and chamber to a mirror finish. The slide has also been shaved down and ported. The firing pin housing track and trigger point contacts have also been polished and I put in a lighter sear...
  4. Hi-Points For Sale
    :llama: Grips are just carbon fiber duct tape, nothing fancy. The slide has been ported, polished, and shaved. If you compare it to the slide of an original C9, you will notice that the rough slide pull grips have been shaved down. You will also notice that the top rail between the front and...
1-4 of 4 Results