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  1. Welcome Aboard
    Hello fellow Hipoint enthusiasts. I am a new gun owner, bought my 1st gun ever today. I shot a Hipoint 9mm years ago and fell in love with it. Was at some strip pits with friends shooting guns off and was handed the HP. Always said if I ever bought a gun that would be it. I am not a real big...
  2. Welcome Aboard
    Hi all! I've been an avid recreational shooter for a number of years. Only in the past two years have I started getting into handguns, where I came into contact with hipoints. One of the local pawn shops around me often times will get a C9 in for under $150, sometimes even lower than that...
  3. Hi-Point Pistols
    Hello everyone! I just got my fiancee a used, new-style Hi-Point JCP for $110 and he loves it, he's been able to fire really tight groups with it right away and its performed flawlessly. I have been looking around at holsters and I fell in love with Savoy Custom Holsters...
  4. Gun Gallery
    I finally decided to convert my 995B "planet of the apes" camp stock to 995ts stock. I also got it hydro-dipped. Couldn't resist. Buddy of mine does hydro-dipping, and tossed me a sweet package deal on my Glock 23 slide, Ruger LCP slide, and my 995. I have added a red dot for quick acquisition...
  5. Hi-Point Pistols
    I found this very informative and interesting video when I was browsing Youtube today.Caution:Expect mild to severe facepalming.
  6. General Hi-Point Discussion
    (Names D.TeL, im 25 from Seattle, Wa. Been making music since i was 12) All your answers are here...Reverbnation.com/TheRealDTeL check it out give me a chance to impress you and also you can download all songs for free & my mobile app! All new music coming soon. S/O to all the administrative...
  7. Gun Gallery
    I have searched all over the internet for a "Step by Step" on how to paint a HiPoint C9 9mm handgun. Can someone make one, explain, or point me in the direction of a guide. I don't want to ruin the gun, but I would like to paint it with least amount of dis-assembly as possible! Thanks in advanced!
  8. Hi-Point Reviews & Range Reports
  9. General Hi-Point Discussion
    Hello, I'm new to Hi Point forum and this is my first post. I think that Hi Point should start manufacturing revolvers. Anyone else think this as well? I am in the market for a new revolver but don't have any plans to spend 700$. I have asked about inexpensive revolvers on other forums and...
  10. Hi-Points For Sale
    I have fore trade a 4 month old 4095ts carbine that i wanna trade for a 995ts. Reason being i got a stallard js-9 and would like to eliminate buying a caliber. Having a 995ts would eliminate .40s&w. If thats not possible i understand. Thanks guys
  11. Hi-Point Carbines
    Hello all. This is my first post as a member here. Been reading your guys discusions. And i have found sound a lot of useful information. Some funny quotes, some loud mouths and a lot of good people. Anyways i wanted to post my hipoint story, and i hope general is a good place to post it...
  12. Hi-Points For Sale
    Looking to sell cause I need some extra funds. FUN gun to shoot. Comp barrel + big heavy Hi-Point slide = VERY little recoil. Shoots great, a little high last time I shot it, but didn't have time to adjust the sights. Comes with standard 8-round and an extra 10-round magazine. Excellent...
  13. Hi-Point Pistols
    Im New Here :)But If Youre Selling A Pair Of JC 40 Grips Please Let Me Know
1-13 of 13 Results