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  1. General Hi-Point Discussion
    I saw this comment left on a YouTube review of a Hi-Point pistol: "The slide is die cast from a zinc-family alloy that includes aluminum, magnesium, and copper and is called Zamak-3 (popularly referred to as pot metal or white metal) rather than machined from forged steel. Hi Point uses a...
  2. Reloading Room
    Does anyone have any experience with reloading the Rainier Copper Plated Hollow Point bullets for their 995ts carbine? I am using Bullseye powder, trying to determine the COAL for this round. There is some published data from Rainier on this bullet, but the listed OAL is 1.165" which is also...
  3. Hi-Point Reviews & Range Reports
    So, I found the Holy Grail today, a box of 50 Winchester White Box 115 grain HPs. For those old enough to remember, this is one of the longest running self defense loads on the market. Some of the newer rounds may do better (Critical Defense comes to mind), but Winchester White Box is probably...
1-3 of 3 Results