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  1. Hi-Point Carbines
    I want to know if anyone has any ideas for a BFD to fit the 995TS w/o a threaded barrel. I had the HP muzzle break, however I don't want it on the firearm anymore. This is my o_O"YOU DIDN'T TAKE OFF YOUR SHOES AT THE DOOR?!":shooting: gun after all. Meaning, it would be nice to think we could...
  2. Optics / Sights / Lasers / Lights
    I came across this (Princetontec SwitchRail) on Amazon (ASIN: B08CC75ZWM) a few months ago and decided to see if it would be useful as a pistol mounted weapons light. As it turns out, well, sort of. It's pic-rail mounted, has one pressure switch and uses separate white and red LEDs. The light...
  3. Consumer Reviews
    The Hi Point of Revolvers by "histed" [Ghetto Glock meet Ghetto Colt] I love cheap guns. It is an addiction that the forum members here enable constantly. Recently I took another "hit" and purchased a Rock Island Arms M206 revolver. It's cheap - mine was 251.37 out the door. Knowing that...
1-3 of 3 Results