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  1. Hi-Point Pistols
    Does anybody still make wood grips for Hi Point pistols, particularly the JCP 40?
  2. Hi-Point Pistols
    Hi everyone. I’m new to firearms. I own a Ruger SR9C as well as a Hi-Point JCP.40 I got the Hi-Point mainly based on a great price, and intend on using it for home defense. I bought some .40 snap caps on Amazon to get a feel for safely loading and unloading the pistol before taking it to the...
  3. Hi-Point Pistols
    Hello all, just ordered the jcp 40, I know all the little tweeks that need done. Was wondering what accessories will fit. Really just want a TAC light. Figured I've always bought expensive arms, cheaper one does same thing. Shot my bros c9 great gun so ordered the 40 and 4 mags, drop leg holster...
1-3 of 3 Results