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  1. Hi-Point Reviews & Range Reports
    I am shooting a HI-POINT JHP 45 in my local 10 week adult rifle pistol league in the single stack division. We are on week 7 and things are going well. My entire competition rig cost $380.00 not counting ammunition.
  2. Welcome Aboard
    Hello fellow HI-POINT folks, I am a long time regular gun guy. Non Mil or LE. I lean more to the competition side of the house and regularly place somewhere in the middle of the pack at most matches. I bought my first Hi Point a JHP 45 last Fall and am currently competing in the single...
  3. Hi-Points For Sale
    1 flush fit 1911 mag included... Pix Later but I'm looking for $300 FREE SHIPPING!!! This is for ALL THE ABOVE, I will have pix later but it is a NIB and unfired JHP, 45 ACP obviously ;) The two sets of grips are from TMF and one set is the black and yellow, the other is called Royal...
  4. Jhp

    Hi-Points For Sale
    I Have a JHP 45 I bought in December to go with my High point Carbine. I have decided to sell my JHP 45. It comes with 3 Holsters. (1) instead the waistband conceald holster. (2) open carrier holster. (3) a drop leg holster. I have pollished the top of the barrel and feed ramp. Have about 200...
  5. Gun Gallery
    My 45 passion (Hi-Point) The Standard, American Dream, Buzz Lightyear, The Bloody Snowman, and Ironman
  6. Hi-Point Reviews & Range Reports
    I just did my second cleaning @ ~ 1000-1200 rounds. The first was done at ~ 200 rounds but I got somewhat lax about it due to the fact that since the 200 round break in period I have had FLAWLESS fun with my $160 purchase!!! While cleaning the second time I noticed the firing pin was slightly...
1-6 of 6 Results