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  1. Hi-Point Reviews & Range Reports
    Formally gun drama Johnny now doing business as hill people Johnny reviews the Hi Point JHP 45. I laughed so hard my ankle monitor fell off.
  2. General Hi-Point Discussion
    So I just purchased a new mag at a local store for my JHP .45 - I put some HP's in it and let it set for a while. When I went to the range and used it, I noticed that when I hit the mag release button it would stay inside and I would have to manually pull it out (our slap the gun to the right or...
  3. Hi-Point Parts and Accessories For Sale or Trade
    in the market to purchase a Thing Miester 1911 mag release for my JHP .45 please shoot me a message if you have one for sale, because Thing Miester keeps pushing his production date back further and further....
  4. Caliber Zone
    .380 ACP-21,500 PSI .380 ACP+P-N/A 9X19MM-35,000 PSI 9X19MM+P-38,500 PSI .40 S&W-35,000 PSI .40 S&W +P-N/A .45 ACP-21,000 PSI .45 ACP+P-23,000 PSI From what I can see, the JCP 40 and JHP 45 are identical (except internal chamber and barrel dimensions). I will guess the +P rated .40 will...
  5. Hi-Point Reviews & Range Reports
    I've been waiting for a few weeks since I got my JHP to have a chance to get to the range and finally shoot it. It's been a difficult wait, but I finally got it done today. Initial report: I put 50 rounds through the pistol. Some American Eagle brass, the rest (30 rounds) was Blazer Aluminum. I...
  6. Hi-Points For Sale
    FOR SALE, Model JHP .45 ACP UPDATE I'm selling this Model JHP 45 ACP Poly Frame as I am either Buying a Ruger P345 or Taurus Millenium PT145 to replace it. It's a great trange fun, or home protection gun. It was bought new on 11/16/2011, comes with Two Magazines, have never had a misfeed, a...
1-6 of 6 Results