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  1. Consumer Reviews
    Review: Twisted Industries Fiber Optic Sights for the Kel Tec P11 by Kirk Lawson The latest upgrade to my Kel Tec P11 is improved sights. There is nothing truly wrong with the existing Kel Tec sights. They are standard 3-Dot in a front post and rear square notch sights. They are perfectly...
  2. Consumer Reviews
    Review of RTK P11 Short Stroke Trigger by Kirk Lawson [Stock Kel Tec P11] The Kel Tec P11, designed by George Kellgren, is a very small, double-column, 10/12+1 round capacity, flush-fit magazine, 9mm semi-automatic handgun. It was unparalleled in size and capacity until the recently released...
1-2 of 2 Results