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  1. Consumer Reviews
    Class Review - Hojutsu; the Martial Art of Firearms by Kirk Lawson Over the summer of 2018 my goal was to spend more time and effort on personal training. The first weekend of May, I took a two-day course on Hojutsu. The instructor was Sensei Norman Hood and the course was hosted by Defensive...
  2. Lounge
    It is a common misconception that unarmed martial art techniques are not considered deadly force in the United States. Very often they are. And not just punching to the head or the like. Did you know that even joint locks at the elbow knee or ankle can be considered deadly force under most law...
  3. Lounge
    Green Belt Syndrome by Kirk Lawson I recently participated in an immersive two-day weekend pistol seminar. As expected, I met and trained with some fantastic people, some who had more firearms skills than I and some who did not. One fine gentleman I met was, like me, from the "traditional"...
1-3 of 3 Results