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  1. Welcome Aboard
    Hey all, Just got my first hi point rifle a few days ago. I'm super interested in modifying firearms as my career is as a mechanical design engineer I work with small intricate components daily and have so many ideas for this thing. My 995ts started life new and stock, ended up getting those...
  2. Hi-Point Carbines
    Sandog brought this up and reminded me of something I didn't like about the way the rifle "pulls up". I realized that the springy butt-plate is pointless and increases the length-of-pull by about 1/2". It always seemed like the stock was too big for what it was. I'm not tiny at a hair under 6'...
  3. General Hi-Point Discussion
    Does any one think that a .223 carbine that looks like the current highpoint carbine would be sweet. The poor mans .223 :D Thank God for Amarican made guns. :)
  4. Welcome Aboard
    Hi all! I've been an avid recreational shooter for a number of years. Only in the past two years have I started getting into handguns, where I came into contact with hipoints. One of the local pawn shops around me often times will get a C9 in for under $150, sometimes even lower than that...
  5. Gunsmith shop
    Hey, new to the forums. Had a question about the soon to be mine C9. I have heard about the legendary 9lb. trigger pull. Is there any way to trim some weight off of this? I have seen someone on YouTube cut a couple turns off the firing pin spring with no reported negative results. Any other...
1-5 of 5 Results