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  1. Other SNS
    I wasn't sure where else would be best to put this, but I personally love Saturday Night Specials and cheaper firearms in general, like my Cobra FS-380 and even some of the 9mm and .45s Cobra made among other guns. I've always pondered how I would go about designing one of these guns or how...
  2. Lounge
    The Davis Brothers, Davis Industries, and Sedco Industries by Adam01364 George Jennings' success with Raven Arms proved there was a large market for inexpensive handguns, and so other family members founded more inexpensive firearms companies. It made complete sense. Jennings had sourced...
  3. Lounge
    The Raven: The "Ring of Fire" Pistol That Started It All by Adam01364 The Raven has been called the original "Ring of Fire" pistol; the "Ring of Fire" referring to the six firearms manufacturers clustered within 45 minutes of downtown Los Angeles known for producing inexpensive Saturday Night...
1-3 of 3 Results