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  1. Consumer Reviews
    A Tale of 2 Spirit Stoves by Greg Ritchie This is my Solo Stove. This is a home made stove, a knock off of the Fancy Feast stove. Side by Side The Solo Stove assembled And both of them burning. Advantages of the Solo Stove are it is made of brass, nice looking, seals tight so you can...
  2. Consumer Reviews
    Comparing the Ruger 10/22 Take Down with the Marlin Model 70PSS (Takedown) By Al Jole This isn't your typical gun writer styled review. I have opinions, and I don't care who doesn't like them. I have both the Ruger and the Marlin. I like Ruger's generally, I appreciate the 10/22 design, but...
  3. Survival Zone
    While the eclipse was spectacular, I learned and had reinforced a couple of lessons I didn't know, or had to relearn. Biggest is, traffic is a zoo. I-25 from Denver to Cheyenne was a parking lot. Highway 85 wasn't much better. In a really bad scenario, I-25 would probably be blocked off...
  4. Survival Zone
    You know it, you love it, you love (even more) to make it. But when the Matches run out, and the lighter fluid dries up, what then? You'll need fire to cook your meals, sanitize water, etc. So, finally getting to the point, what more primitive methods of making fire do you use/recommend...
  5. Survival Zone
    I had never seen this approach before. My brother shared it with me. I thought it was unique enough to share. Enjoy.
1-5 of 5 Results