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  1. Lounge
    Definition Series - Part 16: "Trigger Reset" by Kirk Lawson After the Trigger Break, the trigger must be allowed to move forward again to reengage the sear and prepare it to again be pulled rearward toward the Trigger Break. The point at which the trigger catches the internal sear mechanism...
  2. Training
    Definition Series - Part 15: "Post-Travel" by Kirk Lawson As we have seen, the mechanics of the trigger pull are very important for accurate shooting and shooting comfort. Another element of the trigger stroke which is commonly discussed by experts, aficionados, and wannabes is Post-travel...
  3. Training
    Definition Series - Part 13: "Trigger Break" by Kirk Lawson Trigger Break is that moment when the trigger transitions from "in the process of being pulled" to "has been pulled." It is that moment in which the movement of the trigger, straight to the rear, disengages the sear mechanism which...
1-3 of 3 Results