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  1. Lounge
    Rambling Thoughts on the 350 Legend Cartridge by Greg Ritchie Grandpa had a .35 caliber rifle. A lever action Winchester in 32 Special with a shot out barrel. The barrel had been refreshed to 35 caliber and it was rechambered to 35-30/30. I learned a lot from that old rifle. How to form...
  2. Hi-Point Pistols
    OK, I normally shoot winchester white box 115 grain HPs in my CP and it digests them without a problem. But I cannot pass up a sale, and a local big box retailer was getting rid of Hornady Zombiemax ammo pretty cheap. I tried some and my C9 acted like a cat coughing up a furball. It isn't the...
  3. Lounge
    Rambling Thoughts on the 30-30 Winchester by Greg Ritchie The rimmed cartridges have always held a special allure for me. Probably because I have always liked single shot rifles. A 22 Hornet, 30-30 Winchester, a 45-70 Government and a H&R Handi Rifle and I was ready to take on the world, or at...
  4. Consumer Reviews
    Five Long Arms I Wish I Still Owned by Greg Ritchie Marlin 336c, 35 Remington The Marlin 336 chambered in 35 Remington was the first rifle I purchased for myself. It was also one of the least used Rifles I have ever owned. I was convinced it was going to be the best rifle one could own for...
  5. Gun Reviews and Range Reports
    . . . but, I put 25 rounds of Winchester 115 gr. jacketed hollow-point ammo through the C9 this afternoon and it ate it up and spit it out--no problems. That will probably be my "carry" ammo for this gun. I also put a box of (50) Aquila 115 gr. FMJs through it without any issues. That puts...
  6. Caliber Zone
    Has anybody tried out the Winchester PDX1 ammo? It looks impressive short range out of a .410, but not very special out of a centerfire cartridge.
1-6 of 6 Results