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    Hard to believe the comment.
    Are you just trying to drive traffic to that site ?

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    Are these guys just trying to rationalize the revolver with ridiculous "advantages"

    "Many revolver users are attracted by the fact that the swing-out cylinder of most double-action revolvers allows both visual and tactile confirmation of loaded or unloaded status."

    Ummm...I can do that with a semi too. And I don't have to worry about expended or not...if it's there, it's not expended.

    "When there is sufficient illumination, this includes being able to see which primers have already been indented – normally a sign that such a round has already been fired – and which ones have not. Don’t take the chamber status too lightly; triple-check by sight and feel."

    What is this guy doing? In a gun fight, shoot three...check your load? And what does he mean about "chamber status"? And isn't sight and feel only double checking?

    I mean seriously...does anyone really ever do what they just suggested?
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    Well on the last point yes we do. With the cowboy guns for instance. Load 1, skip 1, load 4 them lower the hammer on the empty chamber. Then if you have a chance at a shot you cock and sight, but do not take the shot. You must reposition the cylinder top get all five back to back. Same would be true on a double action where you have fired 1, missed, cocked got another try, but don't take the shot. Not everyone will replace that one fired round, but instead just reorient the cylinder so the remaining 5 all come up back to back. It's a small point but a real one.
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    NE Utah
    So for hunting or competition.

    Oddly enough...that's not an advantage. That's more like a requirement. With a semi gun, you have none of those problems.

    I'm not dissing the revolver. I'm saying these guys are trying to express "differences" in how the gun must be handled to stay safe, as "advantages", when they aren't.

    So one can swing the cylinder out to see...one can drop the mag to see. And with the mag, there's no need to index anything. And no worries that some bullets in the gun might already be used. If you cock a semi and don't shoot...you just de-cock, or safe it. No need to check anything.
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    That link was pretty much non-informational - information.

    I currently have just two revolvers. An older nickel plated S&W .38 spl, and a Ruger SS convertible. The trigger pull on the S&W is a ton, I cock it manually when shooting it. The Ruger SS is a fun pistol but not very practicable.
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    I don't disagree at all bud. Except that in a gun fight, old school style I guess, reorienting the cylinder as I discribed would be faster than a reload, if and only if the shooter was well practiced at doing it. When I came here I wouldn't give you guys 2 nickels for an auto. But the ol brick jhp has made a believer out of me. 1000 and counting with zero issues tells me a quality auto is a better combat pistol than any revolver except in a very limited number of circumstances.

    I do revolvers because they are better bear guns, imo plenty sd guns, I shoot them well, and I like them. But when I get my 22tcm I'd bet I carry it.

    Good shooting brother.
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