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007 range report

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the 007 performed flawlessly. everything held up, don't know for how long though. if i make another i will have to find something as a filler that will not crack. i did notice one hairline fracture in the top, so it may split the next time i shoot. oh well. the AAC Pilot is quiet!! i did a comparison with the Gemtech dry and the AAC wet and the difference was amazing. the guy in the lane next to me (indoor range) came across and asked why i was shooting a pellet gun on a gun range. all he was hearing was the bolt and then the bullet hitting the backstop. you should have seen his jaw dropped when he saw the guns! too funny. i was by myself so no pics or vids, sorry. all in all a good day, plus i just ordered another TS from Buds! so that will be 1 ATI'd classic, 1 stock classic, 1 007 TS and 1 stock TS. i'm not going to get any more until the 45 comes out in 2046!
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Glad it worked out, if you ever feel like making another, lemme know, lol.
Maybe be a stupid question, as I don't normally do any 'Smithin' but wouldnt bondo work?
Bondo isn't strong enough I wouldn't think, and I doubt it has heat tolerances.

Just JB Weld the crap out of it, just make sure you clean, and then slightly rough up the surfaces first. That stuff is used to hold running engine blocks together, should work fine for this.
I have personally used JB weld on many things including a crack in an old Jeep flat head motor. It should hold upto almost any firearm stock use that isnt taking a large amount of the recoil. I wouldnt use it in a recoil lug repair application but it probably would survive for a few years. I have used it on synthetic stocks to fill in small voids in fitment on a stock in good or new condition with zero problems.

Its some tough stuff.
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