07 Jan '08...66 degrees out!

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  1. Man, its like April here...66 degrees and cloudy...too bad its not gonna stay like that....high of 38 expected Weds.

    Using the smoker I got for Christmas today....hickory smoking a roast to make sammitches with...screwing around in the garage.

  2. Enjoy, it's 38 degrees, partly cloudy and WINDY out here.

    Oh, yeah...Go LSU!

    Not because I like LSU, but I love Bo Pellini.

  3. :shock: :D
  4. Bring it on!

    I've always wanted an avacado tree in the front yard! :wink:
  5. Kelotravolski

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    38 here and nice. I spent a few hours out int the yard playing catch. It was nice to not have to wear a jacket. Although we have had three nice days in a row. (Snow is falling right now so that is the end of the nice)
  6. Hit in the 70s here after a few days of chilling weather. Pool actually froze over, but not now.
  7. 71 right now. Got to 75 i believe yesterday...took the stang out, dropped the top and followed the first road I saw that lead out of town. Nice....

    But cold fronts bout to move through. Under a tornado watch at the moment.

    pics from my little trip


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    54 degrees here tomorrow supposed to be 65 and will break all the records. Can we say Global Warming?
  9. 76 here today. Rode the Shadow to work. Cold front coming in though, it felt colder coming back at 4pm than going in at 7am.
  10. That can is soo cool! I'd put up a silo in my back yard if I could have it painted like a beer can!
  11. 60 in the High Country of NC today
  12. It's 63 degrees @ 9:50 pm and we have a tornado watch until 2 am. Suburbs of Detroit.
  13. Meteorologists say the warm spell is due to a combination of factors: El Niño, a cyclical warming trend now under way in the Pacific Ocean, can lead to milder weather, particularly in the Northeast; and the jet stream, the high-altitude air current that works like a barricade to hold back warm Southern air, is running much farther north than usual over the East Coast.

    The weather is prone to short-term fluctuations, and forecasters said the mild winter does not necessarily mean global warming is upon us. In fact, the Plains have been hit by back-to-back blizzards in the past two weeks.

    "No cause for alarm. Enjoy it while you have it," said Mike Halpert, head of forecast operations at the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration's Climate Prediction Center. http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,241506,00.html
  14. It was warm here today too. Don't know the exact temp. had to be in the 60's.
  15. 41 in western MN today. Spent most of the day outside. Days like today are welcome.
  16. neothespian

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    19 degrees, 2 and a half feet of new snow.

    Screw you.

    Screw you all.

    :cry: :cry: :cry:
  17. Oh damn Neo, you have to spoil the party? LOL

    Ungrateful is what you are!!! I'd take that snow, make a really nice slush ball and cram it down your shirt if I was there, just to give you something to really complain about!
  18. In the 60's today, tonight we had tornado's, large hail, 90 mile per hour winds and rain out of the rear.

    It down poured for an hour or so and the wind was blowing so hard an hour later the wifes van was dry like it never rained.

    Gonna be colder tomorrow though.