10/22 has new clothes. Initial impressions of the Knoxx Axiom Stock.
by Greg Ritchie

I have been wanting to drop the 10/22 into a new stock for a while now. I kept bouncing between the Archangel and Magpul stock. Another stock I had been considering was the Knoxx Axiom. I liked the Axiom except for the collapsible stock. Just not a fan of collapsible stocks.

Made my mind up when I found the Blackhawk Knoxx Axiom on sale. For less than $60 shipped I figured "why not?" I have a Magpul fixed carbine stock laying around not being used anyway. This would be a good use for it.

The stock arrived quicker than expected. It was waiting on me Friday when I got home. Pretty quick considering that I ordered it Tuesday and Thursday was a holiday. Upon taking the stock out of the package, I immediately noticed how light this stock is. Next I noticed how much flex the stock had. I could easily twist the fore arm. Third I noticed that the collapsible stock didn't move freely. You had to want to move this thing. Good in my eyes, as there is absolutely no movement. The stock is as solid as they come. Finally, the fore end has a wide flat base. It should be excellent for shooting off the bench.

Installing the stock was a breeze. It took longer to remove the factory stock! The action is a very tight fit. At first I thought it might take some light sanding to get it to fit. But snugging the action screw down pulled the action down into the stock and it snugged up nicely. Made me glad that this was a newer 10/22 that had the Allen head action screw rather than the slotted one. This also firmed up the stock and eliminated most of twist in the forearm. You can still twist it, but you have to want to. I don't think it will twist in normal field use.

The barrel is completely free floated. The only part of the barrel that even touches anything is the barrel mounting block, that's it. The stock will accommodate the .920 bull barrel. The factory tapered barrel has a lot of clearance. About 1/16" at the receiver where the stock comes about half way up the sides of the barrel. Speaking of barrels, I have a stainless bull barrel for this rifle. I don't think i will use it. I like the looks of the factory tapered barrel on this stock. In addition, i believe the bull barrel will make the rifle too front heavy. With the factory tapered barrel, it balances right at the magazine well. With the bi-pod mounted, it balances at the rear sight. I can only imagine where it will balance with the bull barrel.

I imagine this rifle is going to be a shooter. It shoots well anyway. With no barrel band and nothing touching the barrel at all, I will be disappointed if it's not a tack driver. Even without the bull barrel.

I wanted some color in this rifle. The Blackhawk Knoxx Axiom is available in Tan, Green, and Black. I wanted the Tan, but my mind was made up for me. The only color in stock when I ordered was black. Oh well, I can always paint it. I like the OSHA safety colors. Yellow, red, green, blue, orange, and purple. My daughter wants purple. I think it is screaming to be painted green. We will see. Maybe I will just leave it black.

I might try the Magpul stock just to see. But maybe not. The stock fits me like a glove as is. When I shoulder the rifle the scope lines up perfectly with my eye. No adjusting, it's just there. Why fix something that's not broke?

The rifle as pictured here is only very slightly modified. The Blackhawk Knoxx Axiom Stock, Ruger BX trigger, BSA fixed 4 power 22 rim fire scope and a NcStar muzzle break. I think the Ruger BX 15 magazine compliments this rifle nicely, and it needs the Ruger extended magazine release.

Now to get to the range and see how it shoots!


Impressions after trying out the new stock: I generally like it but found a problem with it. First, it is accurate. 40 rounds of Aguila 40 grain at 50 yards. I changed the scope from high rings to medium rings and used the first 10 to sight it in.


What did I not like? The length between the trigger and the palm of my hand. I found myself crooking my finger and using the tip of my finger to activate the trigger. Basically the same gripe I have with the Taurus PT709 and the PT111. Most like the Taurus trigger though so my guess is most will like the Blackhawk Knoxx Axiom.

It's not for me though. I will not be buying the Knox Axiom for my Charger. On a positive note. My daughter likes it. Looks like she just got a new rifle.