10/22- hotlips mags-sloppy fit/FTF fix

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    OK ive noticed about 1/2 of 10/22s out there have a sloppy fit with butler creek hotlips 25 round or 10 round single stack mags. Both of mine do. This fix applies ONLY to single stack 25 rounders and ban type 10 rounders. DOES NOT WORK with double stack 30 round caps or higher. This condition can cause failure to feeds, nosedive jams and overall poor operation. THIS WILL VOID YOUR WARRANTY! Then again the last time i sent a mag in to butler creek for replacement it took three months to get a mag back and cost me nearly what a new mag would in shipping.

    First compare the length of the mag to a factory flush fit 10 rounder. This is the amount of space you need to fill. I used a small finish wood screw 3/16" long and 3/32" diameter. these measurments need not be exact as long as you use a pan head screw that doesnt protrude into the mag follower path. Drill through the back of the mag part that sets agaisnt the back of the mag well with a very small drill bit (this is a pilot hole). Screw the screw in until it is bottomed. Then use a file and, testing fit often, file until a snug fit is achived. Problem solved.

    ETA: If you use a mag speed loader you will need to grind a small relief for clerance for the screw.

    example pic of finished fix.

    word to the wise: Not every 10/22 has a sloppy fit with these mags. TEST your mags before you do this. If anybody needs further details PM me.

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    I purchased two of the Eagle International 30rd mags they are $9.99 each at the local shop. I haven't had a single issue with them and have shot a ton of rounds through them. There are a lot of mixed reviews about them on the internet but they are cheap and if they do break easily replaced.

    Here is a link that has some mixed reviews, you either hate them or love them.